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Please Note: Our investment minimum is $100,000.

Investment opportunities ranging from $25k to $25 million; we have solutions for every investor.

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Popular Properties

Circa at Fishhawk Ranch

Leasable Area: 271,764 Sq.Ft.

Property Type: Multi-Family

Units: 220

13930 Spector Rd.

Retreat at Shadow Creek

Leasable Area: 362,080 Sq.Ft.

Property Type: Multi-Family

Units: 320

205 Kennesaw Lakes

Milford Market

Leasable Area: 236,892 Sq.Ft.

Property Type: Multi-Family

Units: 252

6549 N. Riverside Dr.

Why Us?

Decades of experience with DST investments

Hundreds of eligible DST listings

Unique and diversified solutions

A DST investment has many benefits over the original TIC structure:

  • More diversification options are available during the 45-day identification period. The minimum investment per DST is only $100,000.  Thus, a $1,000,000 exchange can invest in as many as 10 different DSTs, providing excellent diversification.
  • There is no need for the creation of limited liability companies. The DST automatically shields the investors from liability.
  • The first property DST was offered to the public in 2004.

Why should I consider A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) As 1031 Exchange Replacement Property?

What We Do

Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST) are one of the preferred strategies for investors looking to carry out a 1031 exchange to defer their capital gains tax.

These property types require a minimal amount of hands-on work, but can be tricky to obtain and operate.

DST investments should be owned inside of a diversified portfolio of different property types. Retail, multi-family, student housing, medical office, and self-storage properties make excellent companions to DSTs in a successfully diversified portfolio.

There are methods to own these properties and reduce or eliminate the management responsibilities.

1031 Specialist can provide 1031 exchange qualified NNN, TIC, & DST property information from a wide variety of sellers. If you are considering owning any of these, please contact us today and allow us to understand your unique situation so that we can best satisfy your needs.

To obtain information on our available DST properties, please use our online search.  Please note that we require a minimum investment of $100k.

We love helping investors find the perfect next-step.

Please note: The minimum investment is $100k.

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